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Dolanto's Services and Offerings

How we will work together to
deliver tangible value for you

01. Diagnosis

Working towards understanding the big picture and define the objectives and capabilities to sustain it.

02. Transformation

Working towards shared understanding, build connections and alignment to deliver tangible outcome.

Dolanto four stage of engagements
03. Escalation

Identify the program gaps and work on the improvement opportunities.

04. Consolidation

Compared what is planned versus what is implemented and communicate the value to the senior decision makers.

Project Storytelling for Effective Decision-Making

Infrastructure leaders must transform complex business challenges into compelling narratives to effectively communicate actionable insights to stakeholders. This crucial skill helps senior executives make informed decisions on distributing limited investments across various projects. We offer support in:

  • Project Storyboarding

  • Value Stream Mapping

  • Investment Logic Map (ILM)

Project and Program Management Services

Our end-to-end management services ensure the successful delivery of infrastructure and asset projects. We offer comprehensive project management, including planning, risk management, and stakeholder engagement, as well as program management with a focus on benefits realisation and rescuing at-risk projects.

With experience as Independent Project Gateway Reviewers in Australia and New Zealand, we provide expert assurance and advisory services to ensure compliance with government guidelines. Our certified team employs best-practice methodologies tailored to your objectives.

Services include:

  • Project Gateway Review

  • Project Health Check

  • Benefit Realisation

Data Collection and Analysis

We specialise in enhancing asset handover for organisations in sectors such as Transportation, Defence, Healthcare, and Renewable Energy*. Our AI-driven solution integrates various data streams, improving analysis with features like queryable databases and actionable insights. This enables sophisticated analytics, machine learning, and automated reporting, enhancing the value of data-driven decisions efficiently.

Services offered:

  • Data Governance Framework

  • Data Gap Assessment

  • Data Standard Development

  • Data Collection Investment Plan

  • Data Quality Report

  • Data Dictionary

* For data collection, we are partnering with University of Melbourne's Digital Lab to utilise advanced methods including laser scanning, drone surveys, and photogrammetry, supported by our expertise in GIS, remote sensing, and point cloud processing.

Strategic Asset Management

We specialise in managing complex infrastructure by coordinating people, technology, and processes. Our expertise spans Transport, Health, IT, Telecommunications, Mining, and Construction, ensuring effective communication and alignment among diverse stakeholders.

Services include:

  • Asset Management Policy: Guidelines for lifecycle asset management.

  • Capability Framework: Enhancing asset management skills and systems.

  • Investment Planning: Strategic resource allocation.

  • Integrated Management Plans: Harmonising management strategies.

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