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Dolanto's AI-driven solutions


Our tool introduces an AI-based system that revolutionises data management by amalgamating disparate data streams into a single, unified repository using advanced AI, machine learning, and Large Language Models (LLMs). This consolidation makes the data easily accessible and actionable, allowing for complex queries that yield precise insights, thus enhancing real-time decision-making. The system's design focuses on actionability and interpretability, ensuring that data can be immediately used for workflow initiation, report generation, and informed operational decisions, all while being understandable to non-technical decision-makers. A standout feature of our system is the integration of confidence scores with each data item, providing a reliability measure through consistency checks across sources, which builds trust and supports critical business decisions. This centralisation of data facilitates advanced analytics, machine learning applications, and automated reporting, enabling organisations to scale their data-driven initiatives cost-effectively. Our AI-driven data unification system represents a significant leap forward, transforming organisations into entities that are not just rich in data but also driven by deep, actionable insights. 

Integrated Management System Aligner

The IMS Aligner, a pivotal component of Dolanto's AI-driven compliance management tools, is crafted to refine the process of aligning with ISO standards, which is essential for organisations managing integrated management systems. This tool automates the analysis and alignment of various ISO standards by extracting and structuring data from documents and then deploying advanced AI techniques to compare and match document sections. It identifies both similarities and disparities across standards, thereby easing the intricate task of maintaining compliance with multiple standards concurrently. By furnishing a comprehensive cross-standard alignment report, the IMS Aligner not only streamlines compliance processes but also enhances operational efficiency and strategic decision-making within organisations.

ISO Spectrum Assessor

The ISO Spectrum Assessor, another integral tool in Dolanto's suite of AI-driven compliance management solutions, is engineered to assist organisations in developing and refining their management systems to meet and surpass the stringent requirements of various ISO standards. This tool initiates its process by transforming the unstructured text of management system documents into a structured format. It then employs sophisticated AI technologies to conduct a detailed comparison against the ISO standards, pinpointing the level of compliance across a spectrum from poor to excellent. For areas identified as below optimal alignment, the ISO Spectrum Assessor generates tailored action plans, providing specific, actionable recommendations to enhance compliance. This tool not only identifies misalignments but also prescribes precise corrective measures, significantly enhancing the efficiency, accuracy, and speed of compliance processes within organisations.

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