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Reimagining Infrastructure with Smart AI Integration

Dolanto spearheads infrastructure enhancement through collaborative mindset and innovative AI solutions. We lead in cross-sector asset and project management—streamlining data in Transportation, Defense, Healthcare, Energy, and more. Our work in standardising data fosters smart investment and robust cross-sector partnerships, driving global infrastructure advancements.

Let Your Data Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

At Dolanto, our mission is to deliver reliable, secure, and comprehensive services to our customers. Building on top of our AI-based data management solution, UnifAI, we transform your data into actionable insight at large-scale.


UnifAI, our AI-based tool is revolutionising the way we deliver customer needs on a large scale. With our cutting-edge technology, we transform structured and unstructured data into actionable knowledge with blazing speed and accuracy. 

ISO Spectrum Assessor

Ready to link strategy with outcomes? Discover how Dolanto can elevate your organisation's compliance and assurance assessments. We provide impartial insights, actionable plans, and a checklist to guide your actions, ensuring you meet all requirements, empower your operations at scale.

Integrated Management System Aligner

Struggling with ISO compliance? The IMS Aligner uses AI to find overlaps and gaps in ISO standards, simplifying integration and enhancing efficiency across departments and contracts. Perfect for tackling compliance challenges and operational silos.

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Accelerating Value Creation and Sustainment

At Dolanto, we specialise in integrating AI-driven solutions into asset management and infrastructure for both government and private sectors. Our mission is to democratise asset management by leveraging Artificial Intelligence to enhance the management, tracking, and optimisation of assets. This approach enriches investment strategies with transformative insights, boosting productivity and enabling more informed decisions.

We focus on exceptional accuracy and efficiency by utilising advanced AI technologies and maintaining a "human in the loop" approach. This involves subject matter experts throughout our AI development process to enhance reliability, ensure ethical integrity, aid in compliance, and build user trust. Our AI solutions are designed to uncover hidden insights and ensure scalability, delivering impactful outcomes.

Every analysis and report we generate is clear and actionable. We adhere to industry standards in asset management, providing services that are reliable, scalable, and transparent. Our AI systems prioritise reliability and interpretability, instilling confidence in our stakeholders. We are committed to excellence, meeting our clients' evolving needs in a complex and dynamic environment.

Our solutions let you achieve


Years of Experience


Confidence in our outcome


Reduction in the time to delivery



Limitless possibilities

Our Partners

Transport for NSW—Dolanto undertakes Program Planning for the Standard Development Framework for Engineering Teams.
John Holland - Dolanto undertake the role of Investment Planning for MR5 Tram Contract
Department of Industry Science and Resources – Dolanto won a grant in the category of Artificial intelligence (A.I)
It could
be you?
Alex Afshar - Founder and Managing Director.
Is Your Infrastructure Management Stuck in Silos?

Organisational silos lead to misalignment and ineffective teamwork, which in turn result in:

  • Scope creep, cost overruns, and project delays

  • Operational inefficiencies and maintenance challenges due to inadequate asset information

  • Disjointed data and deliverables, resulting in poor service levels or high maintenance costs

These issues can create a dysfunctional environment, delay achievements, erode client trust, expose senior executives to public scrutiny, encourage disparate investment strategies, and lead to financial distress, including budget overruns and business losses. Recognising these complexities, Dolanto excels at navigating the intricate dynamics of infrastructure management. We are strategically positioned to confront these challenges directly.

Specialising in AI-driven solutions, and asset and project management, Dolanto targets the fundamental issues: the absence of integrated management systems and a unified data language. Our approach effectively dismantles organisational silos and streamlines data flow, facilitating seamless collaboration across sectors such as Transportation, Defence, Healthcare, and Renewable Energy. We ensure that all parts of your organisation operate in harmony, utilising a standardised data language to enhance communication and efficiency.

By partnering with Dolanto, you engage in integrated infrastructure management that transforms challenges into opportunities for growth and success. Together, we can forge a more cohesive, efficient, and sustainable future in infrastructure development, where every sector operates in unison towards common goals.

Alex and I worked together at the Department of Transport for almost two years. Alex was a huge help and support in delivering the uplift in asset management that we were driving at that time. He has deep knowledge of all asset management concepts (strategic, operational, information) and the project management ability to deliver outcomes.
Referee 1  - Transport (Road, Rail )

Robert Murphy

Executive Director of Transport Asset -

Department of Transport and Planning Victoria

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